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Finish Faster

Prepare now to complete college. Don’t waste time and money on unnecessary semesters when you could follow these guidelines to finish faster.

  • Check transfer rules. Will you attend two or more colleges before reaching your degree goal? Use Indiana’s to see how courses transfer among institutions, or check with your college.
  • Investigate summer classes. You may be able to earn credits during the summer that will help you graduate early or on time—saving you money on tuition later. Regional or community colleges usually have lower tuition than flagship or private campuses. Some institutions offer summer discounts, too.
  • Double up. Are there courses that count for both your major and minor, or for college core classes? See if you can find relevant courses that help you with more than one requirement.
  • Commit to a major. Commit to your major now, so you don’t take unnecessary courses and pile up extra debt in the process. If you’re not sure about your potential career field, get an internship or job-shadowing experience to see if you’ll fit in.
  • Read more. Read more about how to finish faster  from Learn More Indiana.