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About the Court of Appeals

As the second-highest court in Indiana, the Court of Appeals hears appeals from the state’s trial courts. The court does not preside over trials and must accept all appeals sent to it, with the exception of:

  • Cases in which the death penalty or life-without-parole is rendered (appealed directly to the Indiana Supreme Court);
  • Cases in which statutes are declared unconstitutional by a trial court (automatically appealed to the Supreme Court);
  • Attorney disciplinary cases (which also go to the Supreme Court); and, Cases involving taxation (which go to the Indiana Tax Court).

As a result, the 15 members of the Court issue approximately 2,500 written opinions each year. A decision of the Court of Appeals of Indiana is final unless granted further review by the Indiana Supreme Court. Learn more »

Latest News & Headlines

Milestone reached in e-filed appeals


INDIANAPOLIS – An Appeals Court panel has received the first Indiana appeal in which all briefs were electronically filed.

Anthony Middleton v. State, a criminal case on appeal from Marion Superior Court, was assigned to the three-judge panel on Dec. 28, after the court received the appellant’s e-tendered reply brief. Other e-filed documents in the case include the appellant’s brief and two-volume appendix, and the appellee’s brief.

The filings follow an Indiana Supreme Court order establishing a pilot electronic filing program for itself and the Court of Appeals, effective Nov. 9, 2015. The Indiana Tax Court will join the program this month.

The order mandates e-filing in specific instances and provides for optional e-filing in all others. The mandatory cases are those in which the Indiana Public Defender or the Marion County Public Defender represent one party and the Indiana Attorney General represents the other. Middleton v. State fits that category.

“The promise is huge,” Court of Appeals Chief Judge Nancy H. Vaidik said. “It means greater public access to court documents, greater ease of use by practitioners, and cost-saving paper reductions. It’s win, win, win.”

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