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Court of Appeals of Indiana > Judges of the Court of Appeals Judges of the Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals has 15 judges, each drawn from one of five Appeals Court districts. The members of the Court choose a Chief Judge, who serves a three-year term.

All are nominated by the Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission, with final selection by the governor. Each faces a non-partisan retention vote in their district in the first general election following their seating on the Court and every ten years thereafter. For more information see Selection and Tenure and Indiana's Judicial Retention System.

The three judges in each district select a presiding judge for that district for a term of one year.

The Court hears appeals only in three-judge panels, which change three times a year. All members of the Court have statewide jurisdiction. Cases are randomly assigned. In cases where there is oral argument, the senior-most judge on each three-judge panel is the presiding judge during oral argument.

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Current Judges

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First District
Judge L. Mark Bailey January 30, 1998 -
Judge John G. Baker June 2, 1989 -
Judge Edward W. Najam, Jr. December 30, 1992 -
Second District
Judge Cale J. Bradford August 1, 2007 -
Judge Robert R. Altice, Jr. Sept. 2, 2015 -
Judge James S. Kirsch March 4, 1994 -
Third District
Judge Michael P. Barnes May 22, 2000 -
Judge Terry A. Crone March 8, 2004 -
Judge Paul D. Mathias March 30, 2000 -
Fourth District
Judge Melissa S. May April 9, 1998 -
Judge Rudolph R. Pyle III  Aug. 27, 2012 -  
Judge Patricia A. Riley January 1, 1994 -
Fifth District
Judge Elaine B. Brown May 5, 2008 -
Judge Margret G. Robb July 6, 1998 -
Judge Nancy H. Vaidik , Chief Judge February 7, 2000 -

Senior Judges

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The Court of Appeals utilizes the expertise of several of its alumni members to help reduce caseload burdens. Senior judges, provided for by Indiana law (I.C. § 33-23-3-1 et seq.), are former judges named to work part-time at trial courts across the state. In 1998, the law was amended to allow senior judges to contribute to the work of the Court of Appeals. Court of Appeals senior judges serve on three-judge panels and on the Court's motions panel.

Judge Betty Barteau January 1, 2005 -
Judge Carr L. Darden  July 24, 2012 -  
Judge Ezra H. Friedlander September 1, 2015 -
Judge William I. Garrard January 25, 2000 -
Judge John T. Sharpnack May 5, 2008 -
Judge Randall T. Shepard March 15, 2012 -

Historical Listing of Court of Appeals Judges

Including dates of service, dating back to 1891.

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