Complaints filed via the IURC website may experience a brief delay in processing. If your service is subject to disconnection or has already been disconnected, it is highly recommended that you contact the IURC via telephone to speak with a representative.

Local 317-232-2712 or toll free 1-800-851-4268

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State Form 50488 (R / 10-13)

If you have not contacted your utility company with this complaint, please contact the utility prior to completing this form.

Section 1:  Utility Customer/Account holder
  Provide information about the utility customer lodging complaint.


**Email Address
**First Name
**Last Name
Business Name
Address 2
Please include a telephone number where you may be reached during normal business hours.
**Telephone Number

Section 2:  Contact Person

Note: Complaints must be submitted by the customer of record or a party authorized with the utility company to discuss the complaint.

Check box if information same as above
Email Address
**First Name
**Last Name
**Contact Telephone Number   Ext.:

Section 3:  Utility Information
  Provide information about utility account.
**Account ClassHome   Business   
Name of Utility Company
Account Number
Utility Type:

Section 4:  Have you been in contact with the utility?
YES    NO      If yes, date

A customer must first seek to resolve a dispute with the utility prior to requesting assistance from the IURC. If you have not spoken with your utility regarding this issue, please do so before submitting a complaint to the IURCs Consumer Affairs Division.

Section 5:  Briefly Describe Complaint or Situation
(If the complaint is concerning telephone service, please provide the telephone number experiencing problems.)