ICF Consumer Reports

The Long Term Care Division of the Indiana State Department of Health is please to make ICF information available to consumers and the general public.

This information is being made available to increase public awareness of the availability and quality of the services provided to clients with disabilities in the State of Indiana.  The information in the consumer report will also assist clients, and their families or guardians, in making an informed choice of right ICF provider for a particular client.

About the Surveys:

 Surveys are unannounced

 Surveyors are Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professionals who have multi-disciplinary backgrounds including nursing, social services, special education, physical therapy, and psychology and who have successfully completed a specialized training program provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

 A survey report is sent to the ICF after each survey

The ICF must submit a written Plan of Correction in response to any noncompliance of State or Federal requirements cited on the survey report.

 A follow-up survey may be made to verify that compliance has been achieved

Only a sample of the clients are selected for observation, interview and record review.

 Surveys usually last only 2-3 days and thus are only a snapshot of the conditions at the ICF at that time. 

About the ICF Reports:

 This system uses existing data collected from ICF surveys and information maintained in the records of the Division of Long Term Care

 Consumers can evaluate and compare facilities based on the following: 

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Substantiated Complaints
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Last Federal Certification Survey

 Additional information is provided for your convenience. This data includes the address, the telephone number and the fax number (if available) of the ICF. It also includes the number of full time employee equivalents, and the date the agency was first certified.

 The reports are generated twice a month and the statutory guidelines regarding the release of inspection reports will be observed.

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