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Connect Your Career Interests

When you draw pictures or dream about your future, what do you imagine? You have probably thought about the type of job you’ll have—your future career. Did you know that you can start planning for a great career now?

Commit to college

You can read more about why college will help you get to the career you want on this page.

Learn about lots of careers

It’s important to learn about lots of different careers so you’ll know what your options are. Talk to friends and family members about their jobs. What do you like about each job? What things do you not like?

Start your career exploration with the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s career profiles just for kids. Read books and other websites, too.

Connect your interests

You can get a sneak peek at your future career! Compare things you’re interested in now with careers that use those interests. For example, if you like being with animals, you will want to read about being a veterinarian or a zookeeper. These might be possible careers for someone who likes animals.

What do you like to do? What are you good at? Ask your teacher or parents to help you connect those interests to possible careers. Then, succeed in school now so you can make your dreams a reality.