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Meet with an Advisor

If you’re enrolled in college classes, meeting with your advisor is the most important thing you can do to make sure you stay on track for graduation. If your college doesn’t require you to meet in person with an advisor, ask if you can have an appointment anyway. Here are some tips for your meeting:

Come prepared

Before you show up, write down every single class you’ll need to earn your degree. Note when you plan to take each course. Then work with your advisor to map out a clear graduation plan that keeps you on track to complete college.

Gather your questions

Besides double-checking that your proposed course schedule will earn you a degree in the time you’ve allotted, you should consider asking these questions:

  • Are there GPA requirements for any of these courses?
  • What is the GPA requirement for graduation?
  • Are there any graduation bonuses if I complete college on time?
  • How many credit hours must I have to graduate?
  • Can I change my mind about any of these courses? Which ones must I take to graduate with my major?
  • How can I get help? What resources are available specifically for adult students, people with full-time jobs or students who are parents?
  • Can I finish faster if I rearrange these classes?
  • How can I boost my resume with internships or other experiences?

Stick to your goals

Once you’ve mapped out your plan with your advisor, keep the list of courses, GPA requirements and credit hour requirements. Post it on your fridge or mirror, or keep it in your school binder, to remind you and your family about your education goals.