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College Planning Checklist: Grade 9

  • Read LEARN MORE, our magazine about college and careers. All students should receive a copy at school, or visit
  • Complete your high school Graduation Plan with your school counselor or access it online on your Indiana Career Explorer account under “My Portfolio”. Remember, pursuing a Core 40 diploma with Academic or Technical Honors will give you the most options for college or other career training after high school. 
  • Plan to take classes that will give you college credit. Credits from Advanced Placement or dual credit classes will be more affordable if you take them now instead of in college.
  • Match your high school classes with the career(s) you are pursuing. This is a great time to explore a potential career field before committing to a college major.
  • Research Indiana colleges, or other options you’re considering after high school. Start your search at

View a printer-friendly checklist here.