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Indiana's FAFSA Fridays

Indiana's FAFSA Fridays will occur every Friday in February 2015, although it suggested that schools, at minimum, participate on February 20 (right before College Goal Sunday on February 22, 2015). Schools, colleges and community partners will be provided with the resources to host a live, on-site event for high school seniors and college students.

The goal of FAFSA Fridays is to have every high school senior and current college student complete the FAFSA—not just learn about how to do it.

Got questions? Learn More Indiana's phone line will be staffed from 12:00-1:00 p.m. and 6:00-7:00 p.m. (EST) on Friday, February 20, 2015 to answer your FAFSA related questions. Call us at 1-800-992-2076.

Looking for last year's 2014 FAFSA Friday webinar? Find past webinars at


NEW! Learn More Indiana has provided school announcements. Use them during morning announcements to remind students of Indiana's March 10 FAFSA deadline.


Before Your Event

  • 2015 FAFSA Fridays Manual: Learn everything you need to know here!
  • Worksheet Coversheet: This letter explains the FAFSA Worksheet (below) and why the FAFSA is important. Students will need to complete some tasks before attending a FAFSA Friday event.
  • FAFSA Worksheet: Send this home with students prior to your event to collect necessary tax and personal information. A Spanish version is also available.
  • Volunteer Tasks & Volunteer Checklist: Prepare event volunteers, or your school or organization's staff, with this helpful list of tasks and a checklist to use with each student.
  • Volunteer List: Coming soon! Check back for a list of financial aid representatives from across Indiana who are willing to volunteer at your event.
  • Visit this website to familiarize yourself and your staff and/or volunteers with the online FAFSA form.
  • FAFSA videos: These videos are straight from the creators of the FAFSA, so the information is accurate and helpful. However, you'll want to make sure that you mention Indiana's filing deadline of March 10 and corrections deadline of May 15. Students must have submitted (not merely saved) a FAFSA by March 10 to be eligible for financial aid from the federal government, state government and most colleges.

During Your Event

  • FAFSA Videos: You may want to show these short FAFSA videos from YouTube to kick off your event.
  • Next Steps Handout: This handout will remind a student of important information like which colleges were selected, password, etc. as well as give useful information about next steps to take.
  • eStudent Handout: Indiana's eStudent online application allows students to check on the status of their Indiana financial aid.
  • Volunteer Tasks & Volunteer Checklist (same as above): Make sure volunteers understand the process of a FAFSA Friday event.
  • Sign-Out Sheet: Students sign out using this simple sheet. You'll be able to track your success and follow up with students.

After Your Event

  • Next Steps Email Template: Get in touch with students before Indiana's March 10 deadline. Remind them to submit, not just save, their FAFSAs.
  • Thank You Letter Template: Tell your volunteers thank you! It's recommended that student leaders hand-write thank you notes using this template as a starting place.
  • Data Reporting Sheet: Coming soon! We'll also have a survey link so you can submit your information easily online.