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Grade 8

  • Read LEARN MORE, Learn More Indiana’s student success publication, with your parents and complete the activities. All students should receive a copy at school, or visit to download an online version.
  • Contribute to an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 College Savings Plan (or another savings account for college). Learn more about the tax benefits of a 529 Plan at
  • Sign up for the 21st Century Scholars Program at, if your family is income-eligible.

  • Plan your high school courses to maximize financial aid. Aim for a college-and-career-ready Core 40 diploma so you won’t need expensive remedial classes in college. Cut costs by taking Advanced Placement or dual-credit classes—they’ll earn you college credit for a fraction of the cost!
  • Succeed! Make a commitment now to do your very best in schoolwork. Not only will it open up more college options for you, but it could also result in thousands of dollars in financial aid—a great investment!

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