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Making the Most of Your College Experience

There will be many opportunities during college to enhance your experience both academically and socially.

TGIF — It’s the weekend!

After you’ve set aside time for studying and completing assignments, weekends are a great time to explore the campus and surrounding community.

There will be many school-sponsored events (films, concerts and sports events), and clubs, organizations and residence centers often host get-togethers. If you are new to the city or town, venture off campus and check out local attractions and community hotspots. Ask upperclassmen and students from around the area about fun (and no- or low-cost!) things to do off campus.

Thinking about heading home on the weekend?

Think again. It can be tempting to go home on the weekends. While an occasional visit home is fine — healthy, even — making it a habit can prevent you from engaging in your campus community. Make plans ahead of time so you have something to look forward to. And you can always ask your family to come to campus to visit you.

Experiential-, immersive- and service learning courses

Many colleges and universities offer students an opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Contact your advisor to see what options might be available to you and how they fit into your academic plan.

Study abroad

At some schools, your 21st Century Scholarship can be used toward a study abroad program (though programs may be limited to those directly administered by your school). Some schools offer shorter summer- or winter-term study abroad trips for students who don’t want or can’t afford to spend an entire semester overseas. If you are interested in studying overseas, first make an appointment with your school’s study abroad office to see which programs are eligible for 21st Century Scholars. Then, visit your school’s  financial aid office to discuss funding options.