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What Your 21st Century Scholarship Covers

The ins and outs of your Scholars award

What does my 21st Century Scholarship pay for?

At in-state, public two-year and four-year colleges, your award covers up to 100 percent of tuition and some regularly assessed fees such as technology, student-activity and health-services fees. Your award pays part of the tuition at private or independent colleges and approved for-profit specialty or proprietary schools. (A list of colleges that accept the 21st Century Scholarship is available at Scholars.IN.gov/eligiblecolleges.)

What expenses are NOT covered by my 21st Century Scholarship?

The cost of attending college goes way beyond tuition and fees. Your Scholars award does not cover:

  • Housing
  • Spending money
  • Meals
  • Books
  • Travel
  • Other living expenses

If you receive other scholarships and grants that are not designated tuition-specific, your college or university can choose to apply these funds toward room, board or other expenses.

Will my college or university help me with other expenses?

Some Indiana colleges have extra funds available to help Scholars pay for additional expenses. These funds may be tied to participation in support programs, such as a mentoring program or a summer bridge program. Visit Scholars.IN.gov/incentives to find out what additional funds or incentives (including waivers of application fees) are available for Scholars at your college or university. Your college’s financial aid office might also be able to tell you more about additional funds.