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Parents, families and mentors help play a vital role in ensuring a student's success. You provide support, guidance and information to help Scholars understand they have to work hard to succeed in school. Help your student stay on a path to complete college!

Parent Resources & Support

  • Enroll a Scholar: Parents who wish to enroll a student in the 21st Century Scholars program can learn more about eligibility and the enrollment process.
  • Update a Scholar’s Information: Parents can check a student's enrollment status, update a student’s contact information or submit senior affirmation forms.
  • Help Scholars Transition to College: Parents help students complete the senior affirmation process and ensure that Scholars receive the 21st Century Scholarship.
  • Submit an Appeal: A student, or parent/legal guardian on behalf of the student, that has been denied enrollment or removed from the 21st Century Scholars Program has the right to file an appeal with the Office of 21st Century Scholars. 

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