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Northeast Indiana's Job Resources

Job Opportunities in Northeast Indiana

Northeast Indiana is thriving, and the region is attracting skilled workers necessary to propel the region’s economy into the future. The technical and leadership skills earned during military service are in high demand by employers in Northeast Indiana. Northeast Indiana’s future-focused economy is anchored by the defense sector, high-tech communications, specialty insurance, logistics and e-commerce, as well as the medical devices and technology sector. These industries are all hiring and looking for qualified candidates like you. Thousands of jobs are waiting for you, and new jobs are added every week. The easy-to-navigate web portal is searchable by job title or industry. For the spouses and partners of veterans, the wide breadth of jobs available in Northeast Indiana will allow you to continue, or begin, a fulfilling career, while also offering opportunities for advancement.

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Founded by a veteran of the global war on terrorism, INvets helps transitioning service members, veterans and spouses take advantage of the huge demand for veteran talent in Indiana. We bring together major employers throughout Indiana who value the skills and experience gained through military service. These companies are looking to recruit veterans to fill thousands of high-paying positions across Indiana, and are often willing to provide veterans with the necessary training to begin rewarding careers that can lead to six-figure earning potential over time. INvets is a partner of the state’s Next Level Veterans initiative which brings together public and private organizations to recruit, employ and connect discharging military personnel to Indiana. If you are a military veteran looking to transition into the civilian workforce, INvets can help you take the next step.

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