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Housing assistance for rent or mortgage can be provided if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements. Rental deposit assistance is not available. Verification is required.

Utility assistance may be provided if utility bill is in applicant's name and is in disconnect status. The Trustee can only provide assistance for charges incurred in the past 30 days. Verification is required.

Clothing, Food, Hygiene & Diapers
Clothing, Food, Hygiene and Diaper assistances is provided through the Trustee's pantries. It is open during regular business hours.

Transportation assistance may be provided, if necessary, to verified job interviews within Johnson County; to keep medical appointments; to accept employment opportunities and to attend training programs (i.e. High School Equivalency or WorkOne). Verification is required.

Burial assistance is available for deceased family members who lived in Franklin township and meet eligibility requirements.

Payee Representative
When the Social Security Administration requires a payee, the township can be assigned as the payee representative.

Notary service available at no charge. Call 317-736-7511 to set up an appointment. Picture ID required.


To provide direct assistance for rent and utilities the Trustee needs to determine that unforeseen circumstances have led to a financial difficulty and that short-term aid will help residents get back on track.

Specifically, our office will consider the following factors when determining eligibility for rent and utility assistance:

  • Is there an immediate need or emergency?
  • What does the household budget look like? Have resources been spent on necessary items? Is there a demonstrated financial need?
  • Did unknowable circumstances or unplanned events lead to financial hardship?
  • Will short-term assistance help sustain residency in Franklin Township?
  • Is there a future ability to maintain the household?

We know every resident is in a unique situation, so we carefully review all factors, needs, and requests before making a decision. Due to limited resources, our office is forced to use the strict guidelines explained in the 2022 Eligibility Standards . However, we will always guide residents to other available resources and programs if we are unable to provide direct assistance.  Those who do not meet the requirements are referred to other programs and are provided with a list of alternative community resources. In Franklin Township we facilitate partnerships with local churches and non-profit charitable organizations in the community to assist our efforts in providing services to those in need.