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Am I Eligible?

In order to be eligible to receive Township assistance, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Live in Franklin Union Needham Township - Not sure which township you live in? Click here
  2. Be in need of basic necessities
  3. Have little or no income or assets
  4. Be willing to help yourself as much as possible

Required Documentation

What information must I have to apply?

  1. State or Government Issued valid Photo I.D. required
  2. Social Security card (s) for each member of the household
  3. Verification of income and assets
  4. Receipts for payments made or verifications for bills you owe.  Normally we need to review your income and expenses for the preceding month.  For utility assistance, we may ask for income and expense documentation starting a month before the date of the first unpaid utility bill.

2023 Eligibility Standards

This office operates under the Township Assistance Eligibility Standards for Franklin Union Needham Township in addition to State and Federal laws. Review the 2023 Eligibility Standards for more detailed information regarding eligibility, policies, the application process, types of services provided, and benefits.

How Do I Apply?

Call and request an appointment to complete an application. Call 317-736-7511 between 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Thursday. Closed all county holidays.

Click the link below to review the required documents.


Application Process

  • Call 317-736-7511 to set-up an appointment
  • Gather all required documentation
  • At appointment:
    • All adults in household must be present
    • All adults in household must complete intake paperwork
    • All adults in household must provide documents to be photocopied
    • All adults in household must complete an application and other required forms
  • Once above is complete, all adults in household will meet with Trustee
    • Trustee will make a determination (approve or deny) requests within 72 hours

If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment may be rescheduled. Failure to keep an appointment or bring the required documents may cause unnecessary delay in receiving assistance.

The application is a legal affidavit and must state your situation as accurately and completely as possible.  There are criminal penalties for deliberately giving false information. All adults in the household must sign the application and other required documents.

Office Information

Franklin Township Trustee Office

Franklin Union Needham Township Trustee's Office
20 Circle Drive
Franklin, IN 46131

Monday through Thursday (closed all county holidays)
8:00am to 5:00pm
Phone: 317-736-7511