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Franklin Township Board


Jeannie Barnett
Board President

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Tara Payne
Board Secretary

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Dawn Barr
Board Member

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Making a decision to sacrifice their own time and self-interest to serve the community, members of the Franklin Township Board represent the citizens of Franklin, Indiana. The Board is comprised of three individuals with each member serving a four-year term. As a unit of local government, the Board works diligently to advise the Trustee on matters of financial management and capital expenditures.

Moreover, these civic-minded public servants are always seeking ways to make Franklin Township government more efficient and effective in the areas of township assistance to the needy.

Meetings of the Board are conducted at:
Franklin Union Needham Township Trustee Office
20 Circle Dr.
Franklin, IN 46131

Board meetings are the 1st Tuesday of every month and are open to the public.

Board Minutes & Budgets