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Carbon Monoxide

Thanks to a new law known as Savannah’s Law, starting July 1, 2018, you can request a free carbon monoxide test for your vehicle from fire departments in the state of Indiana.

The law was authored by state senator Mike Delph (District 29) and was named after Savannah Bettis, a Ben Davis High School student who was killed in 2015 in a car crash. The crash came as a result of the driver and Savannah both passing out due to the vehicle’s faulty exhaust system, which was circulating carbon monoxide gas inside the car.

You can make arrangements to have your vehicle tested for free in Wayne Township by calling the township fire department at (317) 247-8501.

As a reminder, carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur at home or at work. The colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas results from incomplete combustion of fuels in sources like furnaces, generators, and gas heaters.

You can buy carbon monoxide detectors for as low as $20 locally or online.