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What is CSA?

House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1002-2023 established the Indiana Career Scholarship Account (CSA) program. The CSA program is administered by the Indiana Treasurer of State (TOS) in partnership with Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (CHE).

The CSA program provides $5,000 annually through quarterly disbursements ($1,250 per quarter) to eligible 10th, 11th, 12th grade students enrolled in eligible programs to pursue apprenticeships, applied learning experience, work-based learning, and credentials attainment experience. CSA program funds the eligible costs of postsecondary education courses and training, career coaching and navigation services, postsecondary education and training, transportation and equipment, and certification and credentialing examinations. Through a cross-agency coordinated effort, IDOE approves the eligible programs, CHE approves the eligible providers, and the TOS approves eligible students and expenses.

Based on the amount of funding that has been made available for the 2024-25 school year, there nearly 2,000 CSA accounts available for all 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students.

Student Eligibility

  • Indiana Resident

    Student must be a resident of the State of Indiana.

  • Grade Level

    Student must be in grades 10, 11, or 12 at an Indiana public or private school.

  • Course Approval

    Student must be enrolled in a course and/or educational experience that is approved by the Indiana Department of Education.

  • Program Approval

    Student must be participating in a joint CTE, modern youth apprenticeship, registered apprenticeship or Indiana College Core program by an approved CSA participating entity listed below.

    Note: if your participating entity is not listed below, contact the Indiana Commission for Higher Education at to have them contact your employer on your behalf to enroll.


Apply for the 2024-2025 school year opening April 15, 2024-October 1, 2024  Click to Apply

Parent/Emancipated Eligible Student Agreement

Petition Process

Provide written explanation in the form below to for the Scholarship Accounts Division to review your student’s Career Scholarship Account status. If applicable, submit supporting documentation (i.e., photos or screenshots) Petition to Review Form


Applications are open April 15-October 1

Application guide:

Career Scholarship Account Application Guide

Ready to apply:

Apply here

Participating Entities

Student must participating in a joint CTE, modern youth apprenticeship, registered apprenticeship or Indiana College Core program by an approved CSA participating entity listed below.


  • Ascend
  • EmployIndy
  • Horizon Education Alliance
  • Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc.


  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Aeronautical Center of Technology
  • Armor Air
  • Associated Builders & Contractors Indiana Kentucky (ABC)
  • AssuredPartners
  • August Mack Environmental
  • Barrett & Stokely
  • CarWorks of Lafayette, LLC
  • Chariot Automotive Institute
  • Connected Classrooms LLC
  • Country Lawn and Garden
  • Cyberdome USA
  • Eleven Fifty Academy
  • Eye Surgeons of Indiana
  • Gaylor Electric, Inc.
  • Goshen Fire Department
  • Grote Industries
  • High Alpha
  • Ice Miller LLP
  • Indiana University Health
  • KLR Medical Certification Training School
  • Legacy CNA Training
  • Lionfish Cybersecurity
  • Marian, Inc.
  • NHK Seating of America
  • Out of a Jam
  • Plastic Recycling, Inc.
  • Republic Airways
  • Resultant
  • Startup Moxie, Elkhart County
  • Taft Law
  • TCC

School Districts

  • Cardinal Ritter High School
  • Career Academy Fort Wayne
  • Career Academy South Bend
  • EVSC Early College High School
  • Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community Schools
  • North Central Parke Community School Corporation
  • Parke Heritage High School
  • Providence Cristo Rey High School

Postsecondary Education Institution

  • Ball State University
  • Indiana University
  • Ivy Tech Community College

Non-profit Organizations

  • GEO Academy
  • Next Level Academies
  • Phalen Leadership Academies
  • Regional Innovation & Startup Education
  • Shepherd Community Center
  • Startup Moxie Elkhart County

Qualified Expenses

  • Class expenses for student's apprenticeships/internship program;
  • Postsecondary education and/or training;
  • Equipment for student's apprenticeship/internship program;
  • Certification and credentialing examinations;
  • Career coaching and navigation services;
  • Driver's license*
  • Transportation**
CSA Spending Categories

*Driver's license - new for the 24-25 school year. May use up to $1,000 of an CSA annual grant amount received for costs related to obtaining a driver's license. A driver's license must be a requirement of the apprenticeship/internship program AND the student must prove hardship.

** Transportation - new for 24-25 school year. May use up to $625 of an CSA annual grant amount for transportation expenses IF the student's CSA provider matches the transportation expense AND the student must prove hardship.