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Michael Frick CPA - Chief Deputy Treasurer & Portfolio Manager

Mike is a Deputy Treasurer and the Portfolio Manager for the Indiana State Treasurer’s office.  He has been employed by the Indiana State Treasurer’s office since 1990. One of his first roles with the Treasurer’s office was that of Chief Accountant. He held that position until assuming the role of the Portfolio Manager in 1999.  As the Portfolio Manager, he is responsible for the in-house investment management of the State’s General Fund and over 65 other funds, which has averaged in excess of $4 billion annually during his tenure.  He also works closely with the Treasurer’s financial advisors in the selection and oversight of outside investment managers for a few of the outside managed Funds/Trusts.  He has served as a Deputy Treasurer since 1992. As Deputy Treasurer, he assists in the administration of the Treasurer’s office and serves as a designee/appointee for the Treasurer, who serves, by virtue of the office, on various Boards and Commissions, including the State Police Pension Advisory Board, Indiana Finance Authority, and the Indiana Deferred Compensation Committee.   Prior to joining the State Treasurer’s office, he started his employment with the state in 1986 working as a Field Examiner for the Indiana State Board of Accounts.  Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business, majoring in accounting, from Indiana University.  He became a Certified Public Accountant in 1996.

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