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Meet the Staff

Deputy Treasurers

Mike Frick

Mike Frick

Chief Deputy Treasurer & Portfolio Manager 
Contact Mike
(317) 232-0140
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Kim Logan

Deputy Treasurer and Director of Operations
(317) 233-0921
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Ryan Locke

Vicki Pool

Deputy Treasurer, General Counsel, & Executive Director of the Board for Depositories
Contact Ryan
(317) 232-5258
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Front Office

Catherine Seat

Director of External Affairs & Communications
Contact Catherine
(317) 232-6387
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Casey Long

Executive Assistant
Contact Casey
(317) 232-6386




Amy Gannon

Administrative Assistant
Contact Amy
(317) 232-6386




Treasury Management - Chief Deputy Mike Frick

Vicki Pool

Vicki Pool

Chief Accountant
Contact Vicki
(317) 232-6260




Duane Jasheway

Vicki Pool

Assistant Portfolio Manager
Contact Duane
(317) 234-9606




Treasury Operations - Deputy Kim Logan

Cashier's Section
Laura Whyde, Christina Thomas, Angela Miller, Kristin Morphis, and Chastity Meyer


Cindy Barger

Cindy Barger

Cindy Barger is the Director of TrustINdiana, the State sponsored local government investment pool 
Contact Cindy
(317) 232-0139
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Indiana Board for Depositories

Aaron Bacon

Vicki Pool

Deputy Director of the Board for Depositories 
Contact Aaron
(317) 232-5257


Indiana ABLE Authority

Amy Corbin

Vicki Pool

Executive Director 
Contact Amy
(317) 232-1614
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Indiana Education Savings Authority

Troy Montigney

Troy Montigney

Troy Montigney is the Executive Director of the Indiana Education Saving Authority
Contact Troy
(317) 232-5259
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Marissa Rowe

Troy Montigney

Outreach Coordinator
Contact Marissa
(317) 234-8500





Indiana Bond Bank

Mark Wuellner

Ron MangusExecutive Director of the Indiana Bond Bank  
Contact Mark
(317) 233-0093
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Ron Mangus

Ron Mangus

Director of Operations for the Indiana Bond Bank  
Contact Ron
(317) 233-0091



Aaron Barnett

Aaron Barrnett

Compliance Officer of the Indiana Bond Bank
Contact Aaron
(317) 234-8985




Brian Carman

Aaron Barrnett

Program Development Director
Contact Brian
(317) 233-0090





Marisa Weimer

Administrative Assistant
Contact Marisa
(317) 543-7024





Indiana Enhanced Wireless 9-1-1 Board

Ed Reuter

Executive Director of the Indiana Statewide 9-1-1 Board
Contact Ed
(317) 234-2507
Read Ed's Bio


Laurel Simmermeyer

Program Manager of the Indiana Statewide 9-1-1 Board
Contact Laurel
(317) 233-1640




Teresa Russell

javascript:void(0)Executive Assistant/Office Manager of the Indiana Statewide 9-1-1 Board
Contact Teresa
(317) 234-8362





Treasurer's Agencies

Indiana Bond Bank
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board IC 5-1.5-2-2

Indiana Education Savings Authority (College Choice 529 plan)
The Treasurer of State is the Chairman of the Board. IC 21-9-4-1

Indiana Board for Depositories
The Treasurer of State serves as the secretary-investment manager of the Board.
IC 5-13-12-2

Statewide 911 Board
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board. IC 36-8-16.7-24

Indiana ABLE Authority 
The Treasurer of State is the chairman of the Board. IC 12-11-14

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