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Strategic Plan

To: TOS Staff

From: Treasurer Mitchell

Subject: TOS Strategic Plan 2019-2021


The Treasurer’s Office will honorably uphold our fiduciary responsibilities while promoting the well-being of all constituents and employees with a steadfast focus on constituent service and long-term organizational health.


The Indiana Treasurer of State’s Office will prudently manage and safeguard the State’s public deposits and investments by investing and safeguarding public funds, overseeing the management of the State’s financial assets, and providing accurate and timely funding to stakeholders. We will achieve this mission by intently focusing on our fiduciary responsibility, organizational health, and constituent services.

Core Values

A core value is a principle or belief of high priority. Core values are integral to the way in which we conduct our work. We will use core values to guide our thinking, actions, and behaviors as we work to achieve our vision. Our core values include:

  • Integrity
  • Team
  • Community
  • Transparency


  • The Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State strives to enhance and improve the financial stability of all Hoosiers. We will accomplish this by leveraging our relationships with state entities, local units of government, and Hoosier taxpayers.
    • Each entity in the Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State will work to accomplish this goal through forward thinking and outside-of-the-box solutions that impact Hoosier lives. We will offer opportunities for local units of government to enhance their financial security.
  • The Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State, under its constitutional duty as a duly elected representative of the State of Indiana, understands the importance of good governance in providing services and savings to Hoosiers.
    • We will accomplish this goal by working to modernize the treasury management functions and prepare for the eventual transition of the office to the next administration. Encourage good stewardship to ensure the State’s continued standards of excellence are upheld across our sphere of influence.
  • The Office of Indiana Treasurer of State acknowledges that nothing can be accomplished without sound internal operations. It is key to keep the office running in an efficient and effective manner.
    • We will accomplish this goal by offering professional development and team building opportunities for our staff. We will work to ensure all staff are given the tools necessary to succeed. 
  • The Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State commits to tell the story of the opportunities available to Hoosiers through the work of the office.
    • We will accomplish this by building and growing relationships with community and national partner organizations to increase opportunities to highlight how we serve Hoosiers.
  • The Office of the Indiana Treasurer of State values the role the office holds in security for all Hoosiers. Whether that be financial security or the ability to reach emergency services, security is key to the wellbeing of Indiana.
    • We will accomplish this goal by educating our staff and partners about the importance of security in all aspects of our day to day work within the office. We will take that knowledge and provide educational opportunities for entities that interact with public funds throughout the state. We will strive to provide Hoosiers with the most effective and efficient 911 service possible.

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