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You are issued a paycheck based on a two-week period. However, not all employees are paid at the same time. Two payroll groups (Group A and B) have been established among the various agencies and each group is paid every other week. This information is provided during Onboarding, along with a list of payroll check dates. Also, your payroll representative can advise you which payroll group your agency belongs to and when you will receive your first check.

How to Submit Time in PeopleSoft®

As a new employee you are required to submit your time worked for a two-week period. Some agencies submit time worked through Time and Labor while others submit manual A-4’s (pdf or xls). Your manager can advise you which method you will use to submit time. Below you can find a UPK tutorial on how to submit time in Time and Labor.

How to view Pay Stub:

To view your payroll stub, log into PeopleSoft®, click on ―Self Service, then under Payroll and Compensation, click on ―Pay Inquiry. Promptly report any discrepancy as well as any other questions to your agency’s payroll department. 

How to Update Personal Contact Information

You can update all your personal information very easily in PeopleSoft HR®. Personal information includes your home or mailing address, email address, emergency contacts, and your phone number.

Please note that if you change your home or mailing address in PeopleSoft®, it is important to inform your payroll department of that change.