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WC/Disability and COVID-19 FAQ

Common Questions & Answers regarding COVID-19 & Worker’s Compensation Claims

This information is meant to answer some of the questions that SPD and JWF have received from employees. SPD and JWF will continue to review the below information and update accordingly.

  1. Can COVID-19 be allowed as a work-related condition?
    Claims involving COVID-19 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for compensability.
  2. I believe I contracted COVID-19 while working, should I file a worker’s compensation claim or Short Term Disability claim?
    a) A worker’s compensation claim should be filed with JWF if you believe there is a causal connection between your contracting the disease and your work. That is, you contracted COVID-19 as an occupational disease and not as an ordinary disease of life. For example, if you are employed by the State as a first responder or directly engaged in providing patient healthcare, there may be a specific source or event during the time worked that resulted in the exposure (e.g., treatment of a patient with COVID-19).
    b) Claims will be reviewed by JWF, SOI’s Third Party Administrator, however exposure or contraction of COVID-19 is similar to the flu and is typically not a work-related illness.
    c) If you expect to be off work due to an illness that will last longer than 30 days, you will need to file a short term disability claim. Access forms here: www.in.gov/spd/2807.htm
    d) Working remotely is still considered work. If you are quarantined, and able and authorized to work remotely, you may continue to work.
  3. When will claims be denied?
    Worker’s compensation claims will be denied when the evidence does not establish the disease arose out of and in the course of employment.
  4. How to file a worker’s compensation claim:
    The employee must contact his/her supervisor and/or the agency human resources director to file a worker’s compensation claim.

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