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Non-Tobacco Use Incentive

Receive a $35 reduction in your group health insurance bi-weekly premium

The Non-Tobacco Use Incentive is offered again for the 2019 plan year. Receive a $35 reduction in your group health insurance bi-weekly premium by accepting the agreement during Open Enrollment. By accepting the incentive, you agree to not use any form of tobacco products in 2019. This applies to employees who have never used tobacco products, who have refrained from using tobacco products in past years and to those who have decided to quit using tobacco products prior to January 1, 2019. Keep in mind, by accepting the agreement you agree to be subject to testing for nicotine at any time during the year. The Non-Tobacco Use Agreement must be completed each year online.

The Non-Tobacco Use Incentive is only available to employees who have enrolled in medical coverage. You do not have access to the agreement if you waive medical coverage for plan year 2019. The reduction in your group health insurance bi-weekly premium only applies to your employee medical premium, and does not apply to dental, vision or life insurance premiums.

If you accept the Non-Tobacco Use Agreement during Open Enrollment and later use tobacco, your employment will be terminated. The only exception to the job loss penalty is if you revoke the agreement by logging in to PeopleSoft and completing the self-service process to change your agreement prior to the use of any tobacco product. If you need to revoke your agreement and are not sure how to complete the process in PeopleSoft, call the Benefits Hotline and a specialist can walk you through it. If you revoke the agreement, you are responsible for paying the value of the incentive you have received for the year. The $910 is a great incentive, but it certainly isn’t worth losing your job.

Cessation aids like nicotine gum, lozenges or patches do not contain tobacco leaves. Therefore, the use of nicotine cessation aids or other non-tobacco products would not violate the Non-Tobacco Use Agreement. However, if you use cessation aids, please keep all of your receipts for these products to demonstrate your compliance with the Agreement.

The Non-Tobacco Use Incentive does not carry over from year to year. If you want to participate in 2019, you must access your Open Enrollment event within PeopleSoft and accept the agreement. Notice: If your physician determines abstaining from the use of tobacco is not medically appropriate, a reasonable alternative standard is made available for the incentive.