Non-Tobacco Use Incentive


The reward for state employees going or staying tobacco-free takes another dramatic jump for 2013. Next year, the state is offering a $35 reduction in health plan premiums to each employee who agrees to not use tobacco during 2013. For 2012, the state offered a $25 reduction per pay.
While you are completing open enrollment for your 2013 health benefits, you will have the option to select the Non-Tobacco Use Agreement. If you select this, that means you will not use any tobacco products throughout 2013 and agree to nicotine testing. The testing is conducted at random, so there is no knowledge of when to expect the procedure.

To receive the $35 incentive, an employee must be tobacco-free by Jan. 1, 2013, and continue so through the calendar year. If you currently use tobacco, but plan to quit and select the agreement, you would be wise to stop using tobacco now.

The use of tobacco includes all forms – smoking or smoke-free (chewing, crushing tobacco leaves and sprinkling on food, etc.). If you sign the agreement and then later use tobacco, your employment with the state will be terminated.

The agreement does not carry over, so if you want the 2013 incentive, you need to complete the Non-Tobacco Use Agreement during open enrollment. The incentive is available only to state employees who have enrolled in medical coverage.

Anyone interested in getting help to become tobacco free, log onto or call Quit Now Indiana:  or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669). This is a free service.