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For forms labeled "PDF", the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view and in some cases fill them out. Forms in other formats (MS Word, MS Excel, etc) are indicated where appropriate.

To open a form once you have chosen it, click on the linked file type (such as pdf or doc).

For questions about individual forms, please contact this agency's forms coordinator, Allen Aitken at 317-232-3074.

If you do not see a form in the list below, please login at Forms.IN.gov to search. To login, enter your user name, password and domain that you use to log in to the state network.

State Personnel Department Forms Catalog

Title and State Form Number Download as...
Acknowledgement of Agency Policies and Procedures - 54116 pdf
Acknowledgement of Standardized Policies and Employee Handbook - 54115 pdf
Applicant Background Record Checklist - 53390 pdf | doc
Applicant Disclosure and Release for Consumer and Investigative Consumer Reports - 51334 pdf | doc
Attending Physician's Statement - 45547 doc
Civil Service Complaint Form - 54707 pdf
Employee Attendance Report (A-4) - 14304 pdf | xls
Employee Compensatory Time Worksheet - 42386 pdf
Employee's Authorization for Release of Medical Information - 50107 pdf | doc
Employee's Claim Statement - 45544 doc
Employee Work Profile and Performance Appraisal Report - 52403 pdf | doc
Employer's Report of Claim - 45548 doc
Evaluation of Training - 45910 doc
Indiana State Employee Suggestion Program Submission - 922 pdf
Instructions for Submission of a Disability Claim - 50106 pdf | doc
Interim Performance Appraisal -52404 pdf | doc
Job Analysis Questionnaire (PAT, COMOT, LTC, POLE, & SAM Categories) - 43434 doc
Job Description - 52468 pdf | doc
Classified Working Test Appraisal - 53740 pdf | doc
New Hire Nurse Worksheet - 53516 pdf
Options Statement - 50108 pdf | doc
Position Data Change Worksheet - 53665 pdf
State Employee Community Service Program Request for Leave and Verification of Services Provided - 49044 pdf
Verification of Dependent Disability - 53388 pdf
Waiver of Privilege to Have Coworker Witness Present at Pre-Deprivation Meeting- 54118 pdf
Work Improvement Plan - 52405 pdf | doc
Written Counseling - 54117 pdf
Written Reprimand - 54119 pdf