Applicant Help

A note to first-time users

Before completing a State of Indiana application, you will be asked to provide an email address and create a password. Please be sure that you have the information listed below:

  • National ID or Alien Registration ID number
  • Electronic copy of your resume (i.e. Word doc. or text file)
  • Education history (dates, credits earned and GPA)
  • Employment History (position titles, dates, etc.)

External Application Assistance Step by Step Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


System Requirement Questions

General Questions

Q: How do I apply for a job?
Applications can only be submitted through our online system (Current state employees click here). We do not accept applications submitted by mail, fax or email.


Q: How do I get assistance with the application process? 
You can download one of the following Quick Step Guides:

You can also go to any WorkOne location throughout Indiana.

Q: If I don't have a computer, where can I go to apply for jobs? 
Public libraries often have computers available to the public or you can go to any WorkOne location.

Q: I forgot my user name and password. How do I find these?
Current State Employees: You will log in using your PeopleSoft ID number (i.e. the first letter of your first name- capitalized- and the last six digits of your employee ID). If you don’t know your PeopleSoft ID number, contact your Human Resources department. If you’ve forgotten your password, you will need to contact the GMIS helpdesk at 317-234-4357 or 800-382-1095 so they can reset it for you.

Non-State Employees: Under the login section from the Careers page, click on the ‘Login Help’ link. From here you have three options:

  1. Forgot your password?
    Enter your User Name. An email containing your password will be sent to the e-mail address you added when setting up your profile. If you do not remember your User Name, move to the second option. If you do not remember the e-mail address you used when you set up the account, move to the third option.
  2. Forgot your User Name?
    Enter the email address you added when setting up your profile. An e-mail containing your User Name will be sent to the email address you added when setting up your profile. If you do not remember the e-mail address you used when you set up the account, move to the third option.
  3. Login by Answering Security Questions.
    Enter your User Name. You will then be prompted to answer the security questions you set up when you created your profile.

Q: How do I register an account?
From the Careers Home page, select ‘Register Now’ in the Login box. Enter in a user name and password in the appropriate fields. Re-enter your password again to confirm it. Then select ‘Register’.

Q: Do I need to register an account to search the job postings?
No, you only need an account in order to apply to any posted jobs.

Q: How do I cut and paste my resume or other information into my online application?
You can cut or copy information from Word, WordPerfect or any text document and paste it to your application using the steps blow.

  • 1. Select the text that you would like to move. 
    2. From the Edit menu, select Cut or Copy. OR Press [Ctrl]+[X] to cut or press [Ctrl]+[C] to copy OR Click the right mouse button over the selected text and select Cut or Copy. 
    3. Move the mouse cursor over the location where you want the text to go. 
    4. From the Edit menu, select Paste. OR Press [Ctrl]+[V] to copy OR Click the right mouse button over the selected text and select Paste.

Q: Can I just cut and paste my personal resume and skip the rest of the application?
NO, you must complete the entire application/resume. If you only cut and paste your resume, you may not be considered further.

Q: What are the magnifying glass and other symbols for?

  •   - Looks up choices from a list. It is recommended that you use this icon whenever available.
       - Opens the calendar used to select a date by the click of a mouse.
      - This symbol is used for running spell checker.
      - Use the plus buttons to add additional information.
      - Use the trash can button to remove any additional information.

Q: Now that I have clicked the magnifying glass, how do I use the search page to view beyond the first 300 choices?
Once you have clicked on the magnifying glass, you can narrow the list by typing part of what you are looking for into one of the search fields and clicking on the ‘Look Up’ button.

Q: I keep getting a red box and an error message, what am I doing wrong?
The red box indicates that your entry in the highlighted area does not exactly match anything in our list. Clear out any typing in the red area and use the magnifying glass or drop down arrow feature to the right.

Q: I don't have an e-mail account. Where can I go to get one?
There are several websites that offer free e-mail accounts. Such sites are and

Q: How do I enter my foreign education?
Choose the country of the school from the drop down list. If available, also choose the state or county of the school from the appropriate fields. Click on the magnifying glass next to the School Code field and select Other from the list if your school name is not listed. To enter the name of the school, enter it in the box next to the ‘Other’ field.

Q: I have used the search feature and I do not see my school. How do I enter in my College/University?
Select ‘Other’ for your school and indicate the name of your accredited school in the ‘Other’ text box located to the right of the ‘School’ box. If you do not see your school, you can request to have your accredited school added to the list via email at

Q: I have used the search feature and I do not see my major. How do I enter it?
You can either select a major that is a close match to your major or you can select ‘Other’ for your major and indicate the title of your major in the ‘Other’ text box located to the right of the ‘Major’ box..

Q: How many references can I add?
The system will allow you to add as many references as you’d like to add. It is recommended that you add at least three professional references, preferably supervisors.

Q: How do I attach other documents to my profile (i.e. cover letter, letters of recommendation, college transcripts, DD214, etc)?
Click on the My Career Tools link. On this page there is a box titled ‘Cover Letter and additional attachments’. Click on Add Attachment. Choose the attachment type for the drop down list. Enter in your attachment purpose and then click on the Add Attachment link. Click on the Browse button and then choose the document you wish to attach from the list by double clicking on the file. The title of the file you’ve chosen will populate in the text box to the left of the word ‘Browse’. Then click the Upload button. Click Save & Return if you are finished adding attachments. If you’d like to add more attachments, click Save & Add More.

Q: How do I edit my application/resume?  
Once your application has been submitted, only changes to your contact information can be made, but you can edit your profile for any future submissions. These changes can be made, by selecting ‘Apply without Selecting Job’ from your Careers Home page.

Q: How do I edit my contact details?
Current state employees: Click on Self Service in PeopleSoft. Click Personal Information. From here you can edit your Home and Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, E-mail Addresses, and Emergency Contacts. Click on the appropriate link to open the page, then click on the red pencil under Edit, and make necessary corrections. Once you have completed your update, and click Save.

Non-state employees: From your Careers page, click on the Contact Details link. Once you have completed your update, click Save.

Q: How do I view all jobs posted?
Do not enter in any search criteria and click the ‘search’ button. Only X amount of postings are shown. You must use the ‘Next’ arrow to scroll through all the job postings.

Q: How do I know where the job is located?
The location of the position is listed in the job posting.

Q: What happens to my application after it is submitted?
Provided that you meet the initial screening criteria, the hiring manager then reviews your application. If the hiring manager decides that they would like to set up an interview, you will receive a call from the hiring manager or their associate.

Q: How do I contact the hiring manager or recruiter?
We do not provide information about the hiring managers or recruiters to applicants. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by phone. However, you are more than welcome to find agency contact details on their websites by going to

Q: How can I tell the status of my application?
Select ‘My Career Tools’ to view the jobs in which you’ve applied and the status of those applications. For a list of status code definitions, see below.

Q: What do the status codes mean?
The list below defines each possible status code.
 005 – Not Applied - You have started to create/update your profile in order to apply for a job and clicked ‘Save for Later’. Remember to complete the application by the deadline listed in the job posting. Your application will not be considered until it is complete or if it is completed after the deadline.
 020 - Applied - Your application has been received.
 090 - Hired - You have been hired.
 110 - Not Selected - Your application has not been selected for further consideration.

Q: What if I apply for a job and I am no longer interested?  
Once you have submitted your application for a position, you cannot retract your application. You do not need to contact anyone if you are no longer interested, but should you be contacted to set up an interview, state your position at that time.

Q: What is a Job Search Agent and how do I set one up?
A Job Search Agent is a helpful tool that will email you jobs of interest (based on the criteria you set up) as they are posted to the job bank.

To set up the agent: Choose the link ‘Job Search’. Enter key words in the ‘Search For’ box (i.e. If you are looking for jobs in Human Resources, enter Human Resources in this box). Choose a timeframe in which you’d like to view jobs that have been posted from the ‘Posted’ drop down list. Enter in any other search criteria of interest to you. Choose ‘Save Search’. Enter a name for your search and check the box next to ‘Use As Job Agent’. Enter your full email address in box next to ‘Send Job Agent Notification to’. Choose ‘Save Search’. From here, you can choose to Run Search or wait for jobs to be emailed to you.

NOTE: The Job Search Agent runs over night. You will have to reset your Agent every 30 days.

System Requirement Questions

Q: Which Internet browsers work best?
For the best application experience, State Personnel recommends that you use Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher version) or Firefox 3.0 (or higher) for Mac OS X.

Q: Are there any Internet browsers that do not work at all in applying for jobs? A: Yes. Opera is not compatible.

Q: I have a dial-up connection, is there anything I need to be aware of?
Yes, Please move slowly through each page as you enter information and make selections by using the magnifying glass or drop down list. Each page of the application refreshes after new data is added. If you move through the page too quickly, you could get ahead of the system and create an error.

Q: What should I do if I get kicked out of the system or receive odd error messages?
You may need to update your security settings and clear your cache. Please follow the directions below:

When using Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher):

  1. Click Tools in the top menu.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. From the ‘General’ tab, under Browsing History, click the Delete button.
  4. Select the following by clicking the check box next to each: Preserve Favorites, Website Data, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History.
  5. Click Delete.
  6. From the ‘Security’ tab, click the Custom Level button.
  7. Select Medium from the ‘Reset to’ drop-down box.
  8. Click the Reset button.
  9. Click Yes.
  10. Click Ok.
  11. Then also in the Security tab, click on Trusted Sites.
  12. Click the Sites box in the middle.
  13. Copy and Paste this into the blank ‘Add this website to the zone’ field:
  14. Click Add.
  15. Click Ok.

To be safe, you can try completely shutting down your computer and restarting it and then going back into our website and trying again.

Q: I am getting a PeopleSoft login screen, what should I do? 
This screen is coming up because you either clicked the 'Current State Employee' button or because we tried to pass you a cookie and your browser didn't accept it. Try closing down all of your browser windows, launch a new browser, and try again. If that doesn't work, make sure you have cookies enabled.

Q: Who can I contact for reasonable accommodations with the application process? 
A: You can contact State Personnel for reasonable accommodations.
     Phone:  317-233-4686 or for V/TTY: 317-232-4555 or
     E-mail: or
     Mail:     402 W. Washington Street, Room W161
                  Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Q: What if I have additional questions? 
You can email or call the State Personnel Department at or 317-233-4686.