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Prosecution Resource Fund


The Indiana Securities Division created the prosecution resource fund aimed at providing aide to county prosecutors in Indiana with the expenses common in many securities and mortgage crimes. The fund is made up of fines levied against securities violators and loan broker fees.

An initial $200,000 from the Indiana securities division’s enforcement account was set aside for the specific use for prosecution resource fund. The goal of making these funds available to local county prosecutors is for the division's to continue lending its expertise along with financial resources towards pursuing criminal convictions of securities and loan broker offenders.

The following list includes specific examples of expenses the Prosecution Resource Fund could help cover. These consist of:

  • Forensic accounting expenses;
  • discovery expenses;
  • expert witness fees;
  • depositions and/or transcript costs;
  • document management expenses; and
  • preparation of exhibits for trial.

Charges filed must allege a violation of either the Indiana Uniform Securities Act or the Indiana Loan Broker Act to qualify for a reimbursement from the prosecution resource fund.

How to Submit a Request for Funds

In order to utilize the prosecution resource fund, prosecutors must submit a written request to the securities commissioner. Within the written request, the following information must be included:

  • Cause number;
  • name of defendant(s);
  • specific services and/or resources requested/anticipated; and
  • cost estimates.

Expenses and/or reimbursements provided for each case will initially be capped at $10,000.  However, additional amounts may be approved by the Indiana securities commissioner.

Prosecutors will be asked to provide an invoice or other documentation of accrued expenses, as such documentation becomes available.

Written requests can be sent to:

Indiana Securities Commissioner
Alex Glass
302 W. Washington St., Room E-111
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

The prosecution resource fund is managed by the Prosecution Assistance Unit.