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Useful Links


  • www.sec.gov
    United States Securities and Exchange Commission
  • www.cftc.gov
    United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • www.ftc.gov
    United States Federal Trade Commission
  • www.nw3c.org
    National White Collar Crime Center—federally-funded organization devoted to support and training of white collar crime investigators
  • www.nasaa.org
    North American Securities Administrators Association—the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection
  • www.investorprotection.org
    The Investor Protection Trust—independent organization aimed at educating and protecting investors
  • www.finra.org
    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority—the largest non-governmental regulator for U.S. securities firms
  • www.investopedia.com
    Helpful information and definitions on basic financial concepts and terms.