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About Indiana MoneyWise

About Indiana MoneyWise

Forty-one percent of U.S. adults, or more than 92 million people living in America, gave themselves a grade of C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance, leaving substantial room for improvement. Two-thirds of Hoosier owning financial investment have little or no knowledge about potential fraud schemes.  Too many people do not have basic financial skills to help them plan for the future.

Indiana MoneyWise is here to change that.  Indiana MoneyWise, formerly known as Indiana Investment Watch, is a financial literacy program focused on improving Hoosiers’ financial literacy and protecting investors from scams.  When Indiana Investment Watch was launched, it was limited to spotting and avoiding investment schemes and fraudsters.  Through Indiana MoneyWise, the Indiana Secretary of State’s office has broadened its focus to include teaching Hoosiers about financial literacy skills.  This enhanced program will expand its focus and content to place areas of emphasis on smart money management skills aimed at key demographics.

Indiana MoneyWise has educational materials covering the various types of financial literacy such as a "Money Skills for Newlywed Couples" guide and Financial Football, a computer game distributed in partnership with Visa and the NFL. Workshops and outreach events held throughout the state provide more in-depth information on smart money management and how to avoid investment scams.  Visit the Contact Us page for information on how to schedule an event.

About Our Office

The Indiana Secretary of State Securities Division is responsible for combating securities fraud here at home by making sure that securities-related activities occurring in the state are properly registered or qualify for appropriate exemptions. Securities—investments with different degrees of risk and different expectations of return— can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments.

To help Hoosiers protect their assets, the Securities Division conducts searches free of charge on the registration of securities, franchises, loan brokers, exemption filings, broker dealers, investment advisers and enforcement actions.

In addition, if you have been the victim of investment fraud of any kind, you can report it to our office. The Secretary of State will try to recover your lost assets, if possible, and determine if an illegal action took place. Your report may also help to protect other consumers who could be taken advantage of in the future through similar schemes. Call the Indiana Secretary of State Fraud Hotline at 1-800-223-8791 or file a complaint online.