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Certified Voting Systems in Indiana

Under state law, a voting system may not be marketed, sold, leased, installed, or implemented in Indiana before an application for certification of the system is approved by the Indiana Election Commission. The same restriction applies to any upgrade or change to a currently certified voting system.

Upon approval of an application by the Commission, the voting system is certified for a four year term beginning October 1, 2017 and expiring October 1, 2021.

If an application for a new voting system or an upgrade to a currently certified voting system is approved by the Commission at any time after the beginning of the four year term (in April 2019, for example), this certification nonetheless expires October 1, 2021, along with all other voting system certifications (Indiana Code 3- 11-7-12; 3-11-7-15; 3-11-7-19; 3-11-7.5-4; 3-11-7.4-5; 3-11-7.5-28).

The following voting systems are currently certified in Indiana, and are listed in alphabetical order by applicant name.

An engineering change order approved before October 1, 2017 is not set forth in the detailed description of a voting system listed below.

Previously Certified Voting Systems

Indiana Code 3-11-15-13.3(b) provides:

"A county may continue to use an optical scan ballot card voting system or an electronic voting system whose approval or certification expired on or before October 1, 2017, if the voting system: (1) was… approved by [the Indiana Election] Commission before October 1, 2017; and purchased by the county before October 1, 2017; and otherwise complies with the applicable provisions of [the Help America Vote Act] HAVA and [IC 3-11]. However, a vendor may not market, sell, lease, or install a voting system described by this subsection."



Page revised 10/26/2017