Answer Key: Chapter Five



1. CORRECT ANSWER:  B. Information on whether or not a voter is required to provide additional documentation to verify address will be marked in the poll book.


2. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Military and overseas voters and voters who present documents at the time of registration are exempt from the additional documentation requirement.


3. CORRECT ANSWER:  A. An Indiana Driver’s License or an Indiana State Identification Card, a current utility bill, a current bank statement, a government check, a paycheck, or other government documents with the voter’s current name and address will meet the additional documentation requirement.


4. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. Match the name and address on the documentation to the name and address in the poll book, mark in the poll book the code number for the type of documentation the voter provided, and return the documentation to the voter.


5. CORRECT ANSWER:  D. Allow the voter to leave the polls and return with the correct documentation or allow the voter to cast a provisional ballot if they do not have the correct documentation.


6. CORRECT ANSWER:  C. Allow the voter to cast a provisional ballot if they have signed the poll book by mistake.