Online Poll Worker Training: Chapter Two

Opening the Polls:


CORRECTION: Poll clerks have the right to keep a list of those who have vote and provide the list to poll book holders or watchers, as long as the process of keeping a separate list doesn't interfere with voting.



1. How many precincts are in Indiana?

            a. More than 5,000

            b. More than 50,000

            c. Less than 5,000

            d. 500


2. How should poll workers treat voters of the opposite political party?

            a. They should refuse to assist voters of the opposite political party

            b. They should refer them to another poll worker of the same political party

            c. They should serve all voters equally regardless of political affiliations

            d. They should assist the voter begrudgingly


3. When are polling places open in Indiana?

            a. 6:00AM to 6:00PM local prevailing time on Election Day

            b. 8:00AM to 5:00PM local prevailing time on Election Day

            c. 9:00AM to 5:00PM local prevailing time on Election Day

            d. 8:00AM to 4:30PM local prevailing time on Election Day


4. When should poll workers be at their designated polling places?

            a. Right when the polls open on Election Day

b. Poll workers should meet at the polling place sometime before Election Day and arrive on Election Day at 5:00AM

            c. Poll workers need to arrive by Noon on Election Day

            d. Poll workers should arrive by 9:00AM


5. How long should the polling place chute extend from the entrance of a polling place?

            a. 10 feet

            b. 5 feet

            c. 50 feet

            d. 100 feet


6. Where must voting booths and ballot boxes be located in a polling place?

            a. Outside the polling place

            b. In a room where no poll workers are located

            c. In the chute area

            d. In the same room with poll workers


7. When may precinct election officials leave a polling place?

            a. Anytime throughout Election Day

            b. At 6:00PM on Election Day

c. Once all votes have been counted or in central-count counties when all election materials have been returned to the county election board

            d. After the polling place has closed


8. What should poll workers keep in mind when setting up a polling place?

a. Poll workers should consider the needs of voters with disabilities and the privacy of all voters when setting up a polling place

b. Poll workers shouldn’t think about any voters’ needs when setting up a polling place

            c. Poll workers should do whatever is easiest

            d. Poll workers shouldn’t set up polling places


9. What is required by law to be displayed at every polling place?

            a. The Election Day Handbook

            b. Campaign signs

            c. The Indiana Voter’s Bill of Rights poster

            d. The season schedule for the Indianapolis Colts


10. What should poll workers do if there isn’t room for a 50 foot chute?

            a. Not set up a chute at all

            b. Ask the county election board on how to proceed

            c. Set up a chute that is as long as possible

            d. Not allow any political campaigning outside the polling place