Recount proceedings conclude for House District 97

Contact: Jen Fanger

Indianapolis, IN -- The Indiana Recount Commission concluded its hearings today in the House District 97 race between Jonathan Elrod (R), Indianapolis, and incumbent Ed Mahern (D), Indianapolis. The proceedings showed a final vote tally of 4,454 for Elrod and 4,446 for Mahern - an 8-vote margin in favor of Elrod. The initial canvass of votes showed a 7-vote margin.

"Hoosier voters and taxpayers should be confident that both our election and recount processes work," said Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who chairs the Commission per Indiana statute.

"The conclusion of the recount proceedings in HD 97 showed the accuracy and fairness of this election. While it is unfortunate that the county made some errors in printing and distribution of ballots, those errors did not interfere with our ability to determine which candidate received the most votes. I commend the hard work and long hours of the State Police, State Board of Accounts, Commissioners Gordon Durnil and Ed Delaney, and all involved who made this recount run as smoothly and efficiently as it has."

The Indiana State Recount Commission will be reconvening at 8:30 AM on Saturday, December 16, 2006 in Conference Room A of Indiana Government Center South to discuss the recount petition in House District 31 (Hile v. Harris).