Election Day Update: Key Statistics

Contact: AJ Freeney-Ruiz

Contact: Jen Fanger

Hotline (866-IN-1-Vote):

  • Approximately 350 calls received thus far
  • Nearly 90% of the incoming calls pertain to normal election-day issues, such as locating a polling place or checking a voter's registration.
  • Some basic questions on provisional ballot process and other election processes

Voter ID:

  • No issues reported
  • Indications from around the state suggest that the state's education and outreach effort has been effective in reminding Hoosiers to bring ID to the polls

Statewide Voter Registration System/File (as of 11:30 am):

  • SVRS is functioning as designed, and is being used by election administrators as an election day resource
  • 44,000 voter searches conducted by local election officials
  • 11,000 searches of www.IndianaVoters.com - Indiana's first statewide public portal containing this type of election information


  • Early morning reports to the Help Line indicated that some polling places had not opened. County officials were made aware of this and addressed it.
  • Given the 30,000 poll workers needed to run an election in Indiana, this is not uncommon when compared to previous elections.


  • Isolated incidents of electioneering have been reported - typically dealing with campaign posters located too near polling place
  • Referred incidents to local officials for action

Reports of Machine Issues:

  • Marion County
    • Early reports of issues with optical scan voting machines in Marion County turned out to be the result of errors by county-trained poll workers.
    • Any machine issues would not have kept voters from filling out their regular paper ballots by darkening in ovals.
    • Voters were able to cast ballots without any noticeable disruption to the voting process.
    • County technicians were dispatched to turn on these machines
    • These county issues have since been corrected.
  • Delaware County
    • Programming issues were reported this morning with their MicroVote Infinity voting machines.
    • Delaware County Clerk Karen Wenger reports that polling places were open, despite reports to the contrary.
    • Delaware county voters used paper ballots until 8:40 a.m.
    • When the problem was realized, the county delivered extra paper ballots to affected precincts.
    • Wenger reports all machines are now working properly
    • A Delaware County judge has extended poll hours until 8:40 p.m., to ensure the polls are available for a full 12 hours.

Statement from Secretary Rokita

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita today issued the following statement at the midday point of the 2006 General Election.

"For any issues that may arise - though rare - Indiana law has a number of contingency plans in place. One example is that the counties are to supply every precinct in Indiana with back-up ballots. The bottom line is that in Indiana we have designed the process so voting machine issues cannot keep Hoosiers from exercising their right to vote. Elections are about people and processes, not machines. The polls are open until 6:00 p.m. prevailing local time, so bring your ID and vote with confidence."