Statewide Voter Registration System Update: SVRS Live Across Indiana!

Contact: AJ Freeney-Ruiz

Indianapolis, IN - With less than one month before the much anticipated January 1, 2006 deadline for implementing Indiana's first statewide voter registration system (SVRS) nears, the Secretary of State's office continues its monthly update regarding the implementation of SVRS, powered by FirstTuesdayÔ, a software developed by Quest Information Systems.

As of November 28, Indiana's statewide voter registration system was live in all 92 counties - beating the federally mandated deadline by more than a month.

The massive undertaking to link all 92 Indiana counties began more than two years ago as an initiative by Secretary of State Todd Rokita, Indiana election administrators and legislators, and then as part of Indiana's implementation of the federal Help America Vote Act of 2002. In May, a pilot version of the new system was implemented in ten counties selected from over forty who volunteered to serve as pilot counties, and additional counties were added on a weekly basis until all counties went live with the system.

Today, all 92 counties in Indiana are successfully online through SVRS and using FirstTuesdayÔ to add voters and maintain voter registration records.

"Even though the Indianapolis Colts are 12-0, they have maintained that their goal is to win the Super Bowl and not just to go undefeated," Rokita said. "We are in a similar situation to the Colts. Though we have beaten the federal deadline and have a HAVA compliant statewide program well ahead of schedule, our ultimate goal is to have the best possible system in place by the next elections. Our state team is not going to sit on its laurels with this recent accomplishment, but use it as motivation to continue to tweak what we have and complete an end product that other states can envy."

Though all counties are live before the deadline, much work remains in fine-tuning the system in advance of the May 2006 primaries. A fully functional SVRS well in advance of the federal deadline will afford the state ample time to gain vital feedback that can be used to continue the streamlining of FirstTuesday's performance and efficiency.

As part of this streamlining effort, the State team is working with Quest Information Systems to rework some aspects of the software in order to reduce downtime and workflow issues that the team's surveying has found to be concerns in some counties.