Senate Elections Committee Approves Two Measures Designed to Advance Indiana’s Elections

Contact: Jim Gavin

Secretary Rokita comments on movement of legislation that allows for secure online voter registration and a study to determine the best date for presidential primaries in Indiana.

(Indianapolis) – Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, who in his position serves as Indiana's chief election officer, applauded members of the Indiana Senate Elections Committee after the unanimous passage of two important pieces of legislation. Secretary Rokita supports Senate Bill 534, which would allow Indiana residents to register to vote online, and Senate Concurrent Resolution 28, which calls for the establishment of a study committee to consider moving Indiana's presidential primary to be one of the first on the calendar.

Both measures passed through the committee today by a vote of 9-0 and now move to the full Senate.

"Even in the wake of highly successful elections, like the one just conducted in November of last year, we should strive to find new and secure ways to bring the act of voting into the 21st Century to increase participation," said Secretary Rokita. "Technology has advanced to a point where, when used in conjunction with Photo ID at the polls, we can offer online registration to many without compromising election security and, therefore, drive down costs and increase accessibility. These are concepts that deserve full consideration by our General Assembly so we can continue the important work of establishing Indiana's elections as the model for our nation."

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