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Rulemaking Docket

Current Rulemaking Docket

Rule NameRule DescriptionProposed RuleNotice of IntentPublic HearingEconomic Impact StatementSmall Business Ombudsman Comments and ResponsePublic Comments and Response Other InformationTimelineComment
LSA #23-626Proposed readoption of 75 IAC 3, 5, and 6 Notice of Intent to Readopt    Legislative Notice
Readoption Analysis

Emergency Rulemaking

The Auto Dealer Services Division does not have emergency rules in effect.

Comment on a Proposed Rule

Comments on a proposed rule are accepted via mail at:

Auto Dealer Services Division
302 W. Washington Street, Room E-111
Indianapolis, IN 46204

- OR -

Via email at

Public comments are also accepted at the public hearing as required by Ind. Code § 4-22-2-26.

  • The comment period for a proposed rule will close at midnight on the date of the final public hearing unless specifically noted in the rule docket above.
  • A request to receive a copy of submitted comments, ADSD’s response to comments, or any other written information associated with a proposed rule may be sent to
  • Comments, ADSD’s response to comments, and any other written information may be inspected at the office of ADSD, 302 W. Washington St., Room E-11, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Rule Comments

In accordance with Ind. Code § 4-22-2.1-6, comments from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation are made available with respect to the following:

At this time, no rules require EDC comment.

*These comments are also available for inspection and copying at ADSD’s offices located at 302 W. Washington St., Room E-11, Indianapolis, IN 46204.. The comments are also made available at the public hearings.