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Dealer Digest

The Indiana Secretary of State, Auto Dealer Services Division publishes a quarterly newsletter just for our industry partners! As part of our effort to increase communication from our office and engagement with the industry, we will be releasing an e-newsletter each quarter. The newsletter will be sent directly to the e-mail address on file with our office, so please make sure you keep this information up-to-date. In these newsletters, we will be communicating office updates, legislative changes, issues, and helpful reminders.

Happy reading!

Rachael Ehlich
Director, Auto Dealer Services Division

Dealer Digest, Summer 2020
Dealer Digest, Winter 2020
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Dealer Digest, Winter 2019 (PDF)
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Dealer Digest, Summer 2018 (PDF
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Dealer Digest, Winter 2018 (PDF)
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Dealer Digest, Summer 2017 (PDF)
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