Special Uniform Commercial Code Search Orders

If a search you wish to perform cannot be completed using one of the searches in the Secretary of State's online UCC Search, another option is available. By completing the form below, you may request an IN.gov custom search of the Secretary of State's Uniform Commercial Code database. Please note that this search is not an official search from the filing office and does not have any bearing on effectiveness of a filed document. This search is provided as a tool for gathering information and the results should not be construed as an official search.

Fees for customer searches are the following:

  • $25 for results of 1,000 liens
  • 2.5 cents for each additional lien over 1,000

Please be specific in your search criteria. The following are examples of specific searches:

  • all liens for [secured party] with a lapse date ranging from [date] to [date]
  • all liens for [secured party] in which debtors are located within [city]

You will be emailed within two (2) days the total number of results and cost for your custom search. Upon receipt of payment to IN.gov, an electronic file of the search results will be sent to you. Payment may be made by credit card or billed to your IN.gov account. Click here for more information about how these fees help support IN.gov.

Please note that county names where liens were filed are not included on the lien documents, so this search criteria is unavailable. Please refer to the data format information for information on the table layout structure.

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