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How to Become a Remote Notary

You must be an active Indiana Notary Public prior to applying for a remote notary authorization.  To become a notary public click here to apply.





STEP 1:  Complete the Remote Notary Application  


A.  Remote Technology Vendor

You are required to disclose your remote technology vendor in the application.  To determine your remote technology vendor, please review the list of approved vendors.  A list of approved vendors can be found here.  


You are required to work with an approved remote technology vendor for ALL remote notarial acts.



STEP 2:  Complete the NNA Course/Submit Certificate of Completion to SOS


A. You must complete the remote notary education course and pass the exam.  The course is available here. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have passed the exam.


The fee for the course and exam is $95.00 and is payable by credit card to NNA.  The course takes approximtely 3 hours to complete.  



STEP 3:  Send the Application, Completion Certificate and Payment to the Office

A.  Either e-mail or mail the completed application and NNA certificate of completion to the Secretary of State's office. 


E-mail information here: INBiz@sos.in.gov.  In the subject line indicate the applicant’s name and notary public number so that we can associate the information to your application.


If submiting by mail please send to the address listed below along with your payment.


B.  Remit Payment.  Please send a check, payable to the Indiana Secretary of State in the amount of $5.00. Include the name on the application and applicant’s notary public number so that we can associate the payment to the application.


Send Payment To:

Business Services Division

C/O Notary

302 West Washington Street, Room E-018

Indianapolis, IN 46204


Until your application has been approved you are not authorized to perform any remote notarial acts


You can check the status of your application here.  Once approved, your status will change from "pending application" to "active".


A list of remote technology vendors can be found here

Each remote technology vendor has their own timeline for training and onboarding onto their platform.  This could range from between two and six weeks.

Please reach out to technology vendors to ensure they offer the notarial services you intend to provide.

Notarize, a remote technology vendor, is currently only onboarding notaries who are employed by title companies.  Please note, Notarize will be ready to accept independent contractor notaries by the end of the May.