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Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White Releases Rokita Report

Move comes after Inspector General gives final ‘OK’ to White on report previously protected by former Secretary of State Todd Rokita.

INDIANAPOLIS (May 5, 2011) - Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White’s office today released a report compiled by then Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita at the request of the Indiana State Democratic Party. Rokita had petitioned to have the report exempt from public record requests, and the move by White comes after final approval from the Indiana Inspector General regarding its release.

Earlier today, the Indiana Inspector General issued a report clearing Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White of any wrongdoing regarding access to the report prepared by his predecessor. Prosecutors had alleged Secretary White had wrongfully accessed the report, yet the report indicates nothing improper.

Furthermore, the Inspector General cleared the way to release the Rokita report per the request of Secretary White almost two months ago. Rokita had previously made the report inaccessible by public records request. In pushing transparency within the office, White’s administration had promised to release the report pending approval from the Indiana Attorney General, the Indiana Public Access Counselor and the Indiana Inspector General. With the Inspector General being the last to sign off as of this morning, the report is being prepared for public access.

“As promised almost two months ago, we are providing the report in its entirety to allow Hoosiers an opportunity to see the facts for what they are,” White spokesman AJ Feeney-Ruiz said. “We continue to push for transparency and we applaud the Inspector General for allowing us to do so.”

Despite the fact that the Indiana Secretary of State does not have any formal authority to investigate or enforce vote fraud or voting laws – a role delegated to the Indiana Election Commission, county election boards and county prosecutors - the Rokita Report was conducted with no investigation beyond looking at public documents. No interviews were conducted, and then candidate Charlie White was not asked any questions or given the opportunity to respond to the allegations made by state Democrats. The report itself was prepared in a matter of weeks, did not attempt to make any determinations as to whether White violated any laws, and is inconclusive.

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