Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita returns more than 11 percent of his office’s annual budget to Indiana General Fund

July 9, 2010

Secretary Rokita's agency returns nearly $260K from fiscal year 2010 budget; currently operates on budget less than office's 1987 budget

INDIANAPOLIS­—Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita announced today that his office has reverted 11 percent of its budget for fiscal year 2010 back to the state's general fund. This, in addition to the fact that the budget appropriation he requested for the year was already voluntarily reduced by 4 percent from the previous fiscal year. A holistic commitment to efficiency, automation and expanding self-services for constituents has resulted in the ability to minimize spending and cut overhead costs – so much so that the current budget for the office of the Secretary of State is considerably less, unadjusted for inflation, than the office's budget in 1987.

"Through the hard work of dedicated professionals, we're proving that government doesn't have to spend to survive and doesn't have to be bloated to be able to provide world-class services to its constituents," said Secretary Rokita. "In fact, we are showing you can actually do more with less through technology, innovation and smart solutions."

Though the agency's transaction volume generally increases by approximately 2 percent per year and the statutory duties of the office have been greatly expanded even to include a new division, Secretary Rokita's team has managed to keep staffing levels consistent with those in 1987.

Highlights of the office's achievements in creating efficiencies include:

  • The Business Services Division has achieved significant increases in its customer service levels since moving to an online system. Transactions that used to take several days to complete are now accessible online and are completed within minutes. The Business Services Division receives nearly 200,000 online filings per year. Online filing services mean lower filing fees and faster processing times for Indiana businesses and significantly lower personnel costs for the state.
  • During the fiscal year, Secretary Rokita's office reduced its government facilities footprint by consolidating into 31 percent less office space when the Dealer Services Division moved into space left unused as office functions merged, documents were scanned and archived.
  • Already in this calendar year, the Dealer Services Division has introduced the Plates On-Demand program, which allows automotive dealers to access and print temporary plates online at their dealerships as needed, instead of ordering plates in bulk and having them shipped. Plates On-Demand is expected to save the Dealer Services Division $28,000 per month.
  • New technology enhancements also include a program whereby Notaries public in Indiana are now commissioned exclusively online, and as of this month, Hoosiers wishing to register to vote can do so online at

Secretary Rokita credits his staff as well as the office's strategic public/private partnerships with technology organizations such as Baker Tilly, Quest Information Systems, Inc., BC Forward, Indiana Interactive, and the Indiana Office of Technology for contributing to the success of his office and the realization of smaller, more efficient government practices.

*Final figures as released by the Indiana State Auditor's office.

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