Rokita Visits All Ninety-Two Indiana Counties for Third Year in a Row

Contact: AJ Freeney-Ruiz

Indianapolis, IN - This week, Secretary of State Todd Rokita finished his yearly visits to all ninety-two counties in Indiana for the third consecutive year. As he rolled away from Franklin County following the presentation of a reimbursement check to County Clerk Marlene Flaspohler for new voting machines, Rokita completed his third tour of Indiana's counties.

"Hoosier citizens and officials have a lot on their minds," Rokita said. "The best way to really get at the issues facing these folks is to speak with them one-on-one in their hometowns. As wonderful as our statehouse building is, I feel I can be a better state office holder the more I stay out of the statehouse and spend time with those who serve at our county courthouses and work in our great local communities."

Rokita spent the majority of his time on the road educating citizens and county officials on the new law requiring photo identification at the polls. He has also sat down with newspaper editorial boards throughout the state answering questions on issues ranging from election reform to securities fraud.

While traveling the state, Secretary Rokita was also able to see the benefits of the new federal Help America Vote Act legislation. Rokita took advantage of multiple visits with county clerks to examine new voting equipment and checking on the progress of the new Statewide Voter Registration System as it developed from the pilot phase to going live in all counties before the federally mandated deadline.

"Much of what I do in the statehouse deals directly with the questions and input I get from the people I meet across the state," Rokita said. "As an elected official, I feel duty bound to respond to what I see and hear on the road. By visiting all ninety-two counties each year, I know that I am tapping every possible resource to make what we do here in my office truly in accordance with the voice of the people."