Secretary of State Rokita announces online trademark services

Contact: Heather Willis

Indianapolis, IN -- Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita today announced a new service allowing businesses and individuals to now search for Indiana trademark information online.

"Our new online system makes it easier than ever for our customers to access Indiana trademark information," Secretary Rokita commented. "When a business wants to create a new or updated name or logo, instant information about what is already in use can be a critical part of the creative process."

To access Indiana trademark information, simply visit and search the Indiana Secretary of State's trademark database by trademark name, description of the trademark, or owner of the trademark. Through the online service, Web site users can view, print, or download a copy of the trademark certificate, the original trademark application, and a sample of the trademark in use.

Before the development of the online service, Secretary of State customers could expect their trademark requests to be completed in a business day or two. Now, they can access this same information instantly online -- and at no charge.

"My office is committed to providing service on your schedule, and this is just another way we're proving that to Indiana businesses and individuals," said Rokita.

The electronic trademark database is just one component of a larger modernization project that involves scanning millions of legacy documents related to Indiana business entities for eventual online use. That larger imaging project will begin next month.

To learn more about this online service or to search the Indiana trademark database, visit Secretary Rokita's Web site at Frequently asked questions about Indiana trademarks are attached.


Frequently Asked Questions About Indiana Trademarks

What is a trademark?
A trademark is a word, name, symbol, design, or any combination of these elements that is used to distinguish one company's products or services from that of another company.

Why would I need a trademark?
A trademark is obtained to reserve the use of some combination of words, names, symbols, and designs to distinguish a company's products or services.

What is a copyright, and how can I obtain one?
A copyright protects an artistic or literary work. For more information, contact the Library of Congress at (202) 707-3000.

What is a patent and how can I obtain one?
Patents are obtained to protect inventions. For more information, contact the Federal Patent and Trademark office at (800) 786-9199.

How can I obtain a federal trademark?
Contact the Federal Patent and Trademark office at (800) 786-9199.

How do I find out if another business holds an Indiana trademark similar to the one I am interested in?
Begin your search online at When you file your trademark application, your trademark will be checked against other marks registered in Indiana, but not against corporate, fictitious, or assumed names. It is the duty of the applicant or his/her legal representative to perform these searches.

Who may file an application for trademark?
The application must be filed in the name of the owner of the mark, which is usually an individual, corporation, or partnership.

How can I register for a trademark?
You may download a trademark application form online at, visit the Secretary of State's office at 302 West Washington Street - Room E111 in downtown Indianapolis, or call the Secretary of State's office at (317) 232-6540.

What is the trademark registration fee?
There is a $10.00 filing fee for each registered mark.

How long is a trademark registration valid?
A registration is valid for 10 years, and the Secretary of State's office will notify the registrant 6 months prior to the renewal date.

For more information about Indiana trademarks, please visit