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October 2 2018

Work Session on Accountability

Tuesday, October 2 at 11:00 AM EDT

Columbus Learning Center, Summerville Meeting Room - Room LC1400

4555 Central Avenue, Columbus

Indiana at Indiana University Purdue University Columbus



11:00 am Welcome, Introductions

11:20 am Complete a SHARED UNDERSTANDING of Today

12:30 pm BREAK 15 min - Boxed Lunches

12:45 pm Imagine Tomorrow and Generate Challenges to move from Today to Tomorrow

1:30 am Begin Idea Generation on Challenges

2:00 pm BREAK – 15 min

2:15 pm Continue to Generate Ideas

3:15 pm Build Criteria for Selecting Ideas

3:35 pm 1st Cut Convergence on Ideas

4:00 pm Next Step Action Plan

4:05 pm Debrief

4:10 pm Final Comments

4:15 pm Adjourn