November 5, 2014 Meeting

Notice of Meeting and Agenda

SBOE Regular Business Meeting
November 5, 2014 - 9:30 AM (EST)
Indiana Government Center South Auditorium

I. Call to Order

    1. Roll Call
    2. B. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Approval of the Agenda

III. Approval of Minutes

    1. October 1
    2. October 15

IV. Statement from the Chair

V. Board Member Comments and Reports

VI. General Public Comment (public comment on specific agenda items will be taken at the time each item is before the Board)

VII. Consent Agenda

    1. 2015 meeting dates - memo
    2. Common School Construction and Technology loans - memo
    3. NWIESC Inter-local agreement - memo
    4. Final adoption of rules set to expire on January 1, 2015 - memo

VIII. New Business – Action

    1. Resolution of petition: MSB, CAB, and MEB vs Benton Community School Corporation
    2. Recommendation of Lead Partner for IPS -  memo
    3. Final approval of CORE content tests and cut scores for Physical Education and Health - memo 
    4. Establishing new accountability bonus targets and weights for 2014-15 accountability - memo
    5. Atypical Schools 
    6. Approval of final placement of schools into categories of school accountability - memo 
    7. Approval of placement of corporations into categories of school accountability 
    8. Testing windows for 2014-15 Accuplacer, WIDA and NCSC assessments - memo
    9. Final approval of rule language for 13-560 (special education and related services by choice schools) - memo
    10. Final approval of rule language for 13-561 (requirements for the education and special education and related services of children who are placed in a facility under the written order of a physician)- memo

IX. Best Practices - Innovations in Education - Student Successes

X. Discussion and Reports

    1. SBOE staff update - memo
    2. Turnaround Academy updates - OEI presentation 
       a. EdPower
       b. Charter School USA
       c. Edison Learning 
    3. Teacher licensure exams and cut scores - memo 
    4. Gary Community Schools bussing update 
    5. School Quality Review findings update - SQR part 1 | SQR part 2 | SQR part 3 | SQR part 4
    6. Strategic Planning Committee update 
    7. School Turnaround Committee update 
    8. Career Council Core 40 Subcommittee update - memo
    9. NCLB Waiver update - update 
    10. Assessment update 
    11. Accountability update
       a. SBOE & DOE Staff Policy Considerations
       b. Student growth in Indiana ~ Dr. Damian W. Betebenner, National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment
    12. IDOE update on information regarding Ebola - memo
    13. Roles and Responsibilities of SBOE/DOE

XI. Board Operations

XII. Adjournment