November 8th, 2013 State Board of Education meeting


10:00 am - Business Meeting

Indiana Government Center South
Conference Room C
402 W Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46204


I. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Approval of Minutes 
        draft minutes
III. Statement of the Chair
IV. Board Member Comments and Reports
V. General Public Comment
VI. Consent Agenda
A. Governing Body Plan changes for Westfield Washington Schools - memo
VII. New Business - Action
A. 2012-2013 A-F Accountability
a. Proposed process for releasing grades - proposed schedule
b. Bonus points - bonus points breakdown
B. Glenwood Leadership Academy hearing - proposed dates
VIII. Discussion
A. Historical Overview of School Accountability – Debbie Dailey, IDOE staff and Molly Chamberlin, CECI staff
B. Accountability System Review Panel Recommendation - recommendation – Dr. Yager and Superintendent Ritz, co-chairs of Accountability System Review Panel
C. Growth Considerations - Dr. Damian Betebenner
D. Standards Review and Guidancetimeline  (NOTE: this item may lead to action being taken during the course of the discussion)
E. Gary Community School Corpration/Edison Learning shared services agreement update
F. Board Meeting Procedures
IX. Board Operations
A. SBOE Staff updates