April 3 Meeting Revised Agenda and Related Materials

Indiana State Board of Education


Jo Blacketor, South Bend

Michael Pettibone, Monroe

Tony Walker, Gary

Glenda Ritz, Chair

James Edwards, Santa Claus

Neil Pickett, Carmel

B.J. Watts, Evansville

Cari Whicker, Huntington


Daniel Elsener, Indianapolis

Sarah O'Brien, Avon

David Shane, Indianapolis



April 3, 2013
Indiana Government Center South
Conference Room A
302 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 


9:00 a.m.

Study Session


10:45 a.m.

Business Meeting

Study Session



Business Meeting Agenda

I.  Call to Order

A.   Roll Call

B.   Pledge of Allegiance


II.  Approval of Minutes


III.  Statement of the Chair


IV.  Board Member Comments and Reports

 A.  Presentation by the National Association of State Boards of Education


V.  Public General Comment


VI.  Best Practices -- Innovations in Education -- Student Successes

Blue Ribbon School:  New Palestine High School


VII. Discussion

A.  Turnaround Academies Update

Turnaround Operator Updates - February

Turnaround Operator Updates - March

Lead Partner Updates -February

Lead Partner Updates -March

John Marshall- Voyager Update

B.  Early Learning Foundations to the Indiana Academic Standards for Young Children  Presentation

C.  Connectivity grant and the Department's contract with Education Networks of America


VIII. Consent Agenda

A.  Approval of request to designate $50,000,000 of unreserved Common School Fund balance for construction and technology loans Memo

B.  Approval of Freeway Petition for Delaware Christian School Petition

C.  Approval of Board meeting operational procedures Procedures


 IX.  New Business - Action 

A.  Approval to initiate rulemaking to align 511 IAC 7 with new federal requirements Memo

B.  Approval to initiate rulemaking and for proposed amendment to 511 IAC 6-7.1-4(c)(6)  Memo

C. Approval to initiate rulemaking of Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability   Memo and proposed rule


X.  Board Operations